A fast-cure epoxy adhesive with a 1:1 mix ratio. Epoplex MA50 is a two-component, epoxy polyamine, 100% solids adhesive. Its durability and high chemical and abrasion resistance makes it an extremely effective bonding material suitable for various applications. Epoplex MA50 is formulated to meet the requirements of AASHTO M237-90, Type IV. It is recommended for use as an adhesive for pavement markers to highway surfaces.

MA50 Quick Kits

Epoplex MA50 two-component, 100% solids epoxy adhesive is available in plural component, preloaded, small volume cartridges. Epoplex MA50 Quick-Kits are designed for adhesive applications requiring small volumes of material. Quick-Kit packaging provides a safe, easy, economical way to mix and apply Epoplex MA50 adhesive without hand mixing or expensive dispensing equipment. MA50 can be used for both structural and architectural applications. Epoplex MA50 Quick-Kits are ideal for repair work or small volume pavement marker projects such as on-ramps, intersections and municipal applications.

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